Institution guide

Complex facility Anago no Nedoko

 Anago no Nedoko has dormitories and a cafe/bar, a lounge, a Japanese garden, a design studio, parking for bicycles, and a staff dormitory brought together in a refurbished space. It’s located in the long shotengai (shopping arcade) scattered with buildings both new and old that will catch your eye. The main building of our guesthouse has a long history and the oldest parts are thought to be from the Meiji Period. Originally used by as a dry-goods and cloth store, there was a time when building was an eyeglass store as well. And that history has stayed with the building. The touch of the cold well-water trickling in our rear garden will transport you back to those times long since passed.

About the Akubi Café

 Akubi Café, the café/bar facing the shotengai (covered-shopping area) is a spot to mingle based on travel and school themes. The interior of the café is made to closely resemble elementary school wooden architecture and it’s a treasure trove of information regarding domestic and international travel, in addition to travel books from around the world and information about guesthouses and restored vacant houses country-wide. Free use of computers and Wi-Fi is also available. We hope it will be the place for travelers and locals to mingle.

About the exchange space (Anago Salon)

From backpackers, to customers with children or cyclists, everyone can take it easy and chat on tatami or on the porch of the building facing the backyard. Foreigners can take advantage of this space and join exchange events or classes. For more information、 a calendar of various events can be found on the Akiyasaisei homepage.

Book and Musicl store in the inner part of the ANAGO “Shihen”

 The retro building in the end of the very back became a great selection book and music store “Shihen“, and it opened it! Please drop in.

Cycle parking area

 Anago no Nedoko is proud to support eco-cyclists! There is room in the back alley for cyclists keep their bikes safe and secure, as well as space to perform any necessary maintenance. Cyclists not staying over night are free to use the shower and/or washing machine. We can also provide information about local cycling courses.