onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko1,On arrival to Onomichi station, get out from the SOUTH exit.
(Access to Onomichi, we recommend to arrive to JR Onomichi station by the local train, not to SHIN Onomichi station by Shinkansen.)
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko2, You’ll find a narrow sea just in front. It’s not a river !it’s ONOMICHI SUIDOU, a part of Seto Inland Sea. The island in front called Mukaisima, you can go there on a ferry and have a wonderful panorama of Onomichi.
After dark, you can enjoy the lighting-up these cranes of dockyards.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko3, Cross the road R2, and go to your left. You can find a fake castle on the hill, Mt.Senkoji.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko4,You can find a confectionary store “OyatutoYamaneko” on your right hand. Their pudding is very good and its small bottle is so cute, designed by our guesthouse’s manager Mr.Turu.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko5, There will be found the statue of Fumiko Hayashi, famous woman writer, at the entrance of the arcade.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko6, There is an information center on the right side next to the small square.
That building is old Chamber of Commerce.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko7, You can find a café which was used to be a public bath on the left.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko8, There is Qchanride-on on the corner, after the first arcade is finished. There is the central post office between the next arcade.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko9, After you see the greengrocery and small fishwagon, Urtraman will come in your sight soon. It’s an old toy store and Urtraman is the hero of boys.
onomichi guesthouse anagononedoko10, When you find a Panda ride-on on the right side of the street, here you are at your guesthouse ANAGO NO NEDOKO! You can enter from the entrance of the AKUBI café in front, but we recommend you to walk into the narrow street just left side of the café to the reception of the guesthouse.
Welcome to ANAGO NO NEDOKO and enjoy your stay!