The Concept of Anago no Nedoko

Sharing the same long and narrow shape as the bed of an eel, the Onomichi guesthouse Anago no Nedoko was named after the local townhouse specialty of anago (or eel in English) and is a property of the Onomichi vacant housing renewal project, Akiyasaisei. Formerly a port town, the shopping district area of Onomichi flourished long ago. Even now old, elongated townhouses are still abundant in the middle of town, but the interior and full extent of these buildings-how interiors are divided and used for living –goes unseen and is not widely known even in Onomichi. These historical buildings have a special place in our hearts and we are trying to do our best to pass them on to the next generation. Until now here hasn’t been a big enough influx of young people to shoulder the load in the creative field in Onomichi, people with the aim of expanding tourism, with an eye towards sharing information, cultures and ideas in a new space with the old atmosphere. And so in the fall of 2012 the Onomichi guesthouse Anago no Nedoko opens its doors as the doors of more and more shops in the old shopping arcade close for good. We hope our guesthouse will be a base for strangers and young people to connect to the area.

ABOUT the Onomichi guesthouse

For a long time Onomichi has been a tourist destination with many well-established accommodations such as ryokan ( Japanese bed and breakfasts) with good restaurants attached and business hotels conveniently located near the station. But the truth is, as of yet there aren’t many places for young people looking for a simple, cheap, shorter stay. Our guesthouse aims for lodging different from that offered at a hotel or ryokan, one that let’s you experience Onomichi as resident, meet other travelers and locals with an emphasis on exchange of ideas and culture in addition to staying in an accommodation typical of old buildings in Onomichi. In order to make your stay as cheap and as long as possible to enjoy Onomichi, there are no free amenities offered such as towels, yukata, or toothbrushes, and there are shared toilets and showers. While we wait for your visit with plenty of information on-hand and friendly support, this an accommodation run on self-service; we give you the freedom to make your stay a memorable one. Keeping that in mind, this old Onomichi-style building is situated close to neighboring buildings on both sides. Although it may be a little drafty during winter or noisy at times with the sounds of those living next door, we are working on building a relationship with the customer to give them the best experience possible of traditional Onomichi, so please forgive any small inconveniences.

ABOUT the Staff


Our staff, busy bees ranging from reclamation design to management, is made up of and administrated by members of the non-profit organization of the Onomichi Vacant Housing Renewal Project (Akiyasaisei Project). They are thoroughly committed to the renewal and design of the vacant houses in the old urban area of Onomichi. A variety of faces such as architects, craftsmen, designers, cartoonists, artists, students, and homemakers bring their wisdom, creativity, and fun-loving spirit together. And we are always looking for new members. If you are interested, check our homepage for more information.